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What is Alexa? How Does Amazon Alexa App for Echo Setup Work?

You might be wondering:

Amazon Alexa app is one of the best to your Alexa-enabled devices. When you will download Alexa app, it will let you easily set up and manage your Alexa experience at your desired location. You can easily set up your smart home devices, control or check the status of your smart lights, doors.

It helps in automating your home device by connecting with friends and family. You can organize your day to day lists and view weather for shopping and news updates, alarms. Awesome features Alexa have to use.

Nowadays we are facing coronavirus or COVID-19, you can know the updates by asking Alexa for it. You can ask tips to be safe at your home and many more.

Alexa app

Connect your device with Alexa app for echo dot for the services you already use like Music, Pandora and more to play them on your Alexa.

You can Ask many Questions to Alexa such as:-

Alexa is always getting smarter day by day and there is always something new one can try with the Alexa app for Android. You can get ready with some of the Alexa commands below.

Alexa, Good Morning.”
“How are you?”
“ What is the weather like.”
” Play my favorite Flash Briefing.”
” Turn on the office lights.”
” Track my courier.”

How to Download Alexa App?

For the Alexa app for PC, you need compatible windows 10 devices and an Amazon account. You can find the Alexa app Amazon for Windows 10 devices for the initial set up. You can access Alexa App for Mac, Laptop or Desktop.

Amazon Alexa App is also available only on Windows 7, Windows 8, MAC, PC.

  • Fire OS 3.3 or higher
  • Android 4.4.1 or higher
  • iOS 10.0 or higher
amazon alexa app

9 Fabulous Steps for Amazon Alexa Setup

  1. Firstly, download Alexa app then sign in to it. The Alexa app Amazon is free and you can set up the entire device of your home.
  2. In order to download the app, you need to go to the app store on your mobile. Simply type ‘Alexa app’ in the search bar.
  3. Next, select the app by clicking on it and start downloading it.
  4. The Alexa app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App store.
  5. Alexa setup can also be done by downloading the Alexa app directly from
  6. Once the app has installed then sign in with your amazon id & Pw after configuring the device properly.
  7. Make sure your battery should be sufficiently charged.
  8. After completing this process switch on your device and wait for the light to turn on.
  9. Once it has been turned search all the devices nearby and then click connect for linking of all the devices. This is an easy and quick way for Alexa Setup.
echo setup

Here you will Know All About Amazon Echo Devices

  • Amazon Echo and Setup
  • Echo Dot and Setup
  • The Echo Plus and Setup
  • Amazon Echo Show 5 and Setup
  • Echo Spot and Setup
  • New Echo Input and Setup
  • Best Echo Auto and Setup
  • Echo Sub and Setup

Why Amazon Echo is So Popular?

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that is developed by Amazon. The echo can connect to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, make calls. Also, can send and receive messages, news, sports scores, and weather.

The real reason for buying an Echo app device is that it has an Alexa voice-control platform, which makes the interaction with your speaker and other devices much easier.

The echo has seven microphones and technology from which you can hear across the room. Echo is also an expertly tuned speaker that can fill any room or office with 360° immersive sound.

amazon echo setup

Whenever you want to use the Echo, the default word would be “Alexa” and Echo responds quickly. It is completing the same task by speaking your command even if your phone sits dormant in your pocket.

If you tell Alexa the details about your commute, it can also warn you about specific traffic issues on the road.

What are the Amazon Echo Features?

  • Control your smart home.
  • Dual downward-firing speakers.
  • Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Stream music services such as iTunes, Pandora


Amazon Echo is compatible with Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices. And also accessible via your web browser.

11 Ultimate Steps for Amazon Echo Setup

  1. Finally, download Alexa app and install the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile or on a tablet.
  2. Plug-in your Amazon Echo app device.
  3. Wait for a few minutes for illuminated rings to turn orange.
  4. It indicates that it is ready to configure it in any case ring turns purple press and hold the action button till the time it gets turn to orange again.
  5. Open the Alexa App Echo and tap the horizontal lines in the right corner of the screen.
  6. Connect the devices available by connecting your device to Wi-Fi.
  7. Connect with your Echo app device for setup.
  8. Now download anything or use your device anywhere in your home or surrounding area.
  9. You can change the default word like click on setting and then select my echo app device and then wake word by typing new words.
  10. Finally, your Amazon Echo is now fully set up.
  11. Make sure it is working you can try with simple commands to get started.
echo setup

Many of Alexa devices have pinhole reset slots which just need to be pushed in with paperclip to check the supply of your Echo app device.

OMG! Echo Dot has Great Features and Skills

Amazon Echo Dot is a voice-controlled shrewd speaker with Alexa app echo which is ideal for any room. You can Simply request your music, news, and data. likewise. Call nearly anybody and control perfect brilliant home gadgets with your voice.

The Echo Dot setup can read off weather forecasts, and tell you about your daily schedule such as traffic updates. Control limited home devices, read the latest news, and many more.

The design of the Echo Dot is bigger than a normal one. Measuring 3.9×3.9×1.7 inches. It looks like Amazon has sliced off the top quarter of a regular Echo app device. Give it a rounded shape by cutting the edges of it.

echo dot

This device has a 1.6-inch speaker inside to play the music. However, the device has an audio-out port system that connects with other sound systems.

That means you can connect with your favorite sound device.
The latest models are more powerful than previous models. It retains its Bluetooth connectivity for both physical and wireless connections.

Top 7 Awesome Features of Echo Dot 3rd Generation

  1. Make profiles for each family member.
  2. Creating voice profiles.
  3. Change the default word.
  4. Create routines and timetables.
  5. Set the default music service to Spotify.
  6. Play all music on your Alexa speakers simultaneously.
  7. Add all Alexa skills with your voice.


The Alexa Echo Dot is compatible with Android and iOS devices and also accessible via your desktop browser also.

Alexa app Echo dot can be easily set up by plug-in echo dot into a socket. Connect the device with WI-Fi and then your device will be set up.

Do You Know? How to Reset Echo Dot?

  • For Resetting, use a paperclip or hold the button for 10 seconds until the light rings turn off and on again.
  • You can turn off the Microphone button and down the volume also during the reset process.

Here, know the detailed steps for how to reset echo dot.

reset echo dot

Interesting Things About Amazon Echo Plus

The Echo Plus has upgraded Dolby audio and a built-in Zigbee hub to manage all the compatible devices.

It controls your smart home devices and also an improved sound for music.
Also, supports a multiroom audio system. One can play one of your tracks in your kitchen and someone else can listen to a different track in another room.

Best Features of Amazon Echo Plus

  • Temperature sensor -It means you can set all the commands related to the temperature.
  • Calling -In this users can use the “drop-in” feature which means call anyone hands free.
  • Voice control your music-Control music for a song, Apple Music, artist, Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, and more.
  • Start Your Home -It will automatically detect all the devices of your home such as lights, music which can be controlled with voice.
  • Always ready to help -It helps in scheduling your business meetings, Weather Forecast, and reminders.
  • Easy For Kids:- Amazon Free Time in the Alexa app echo helps in automatically filter amazing songs for kids.


The Amazon Echo Plus is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS devices.

Guides for Amazon Echo Plus Setup

  • Download Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS). Make sure that your Amazon echo app device is fully charged.
  • Go to menu > Settings > Connect a new Echo device.
  • Plug-in your Amazon Echo Plus in power jack and it should start glowing and configure automatically.
  • After Initialization, It’s light ring will turn blue for a couple of moments, which means it is in pairing mode.
  • Now, the light turns orange and also it plays a greeting message.
  • Go to settings again and select the setup new device to start the WI-FI connection. Now, select the device and once it is connected
  • Insert your Login and password and start the device.
amazon echo plus setup

You can change the default word, Alexa, anytime.

WOW! Amazon Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 is an affordable small smart display. It brings voice commands to your desk and shelf. It has an inbuilt touch screen, with angled fabric sides. The backside of this device has a micro USB port, a 3.5 mm audio output.

Amazon echo show comes with a connector that includes a power adapter also. At the top, it has a small mechanical switch that also slides a privacy screen over the camera.

amazon echo show 5

Its touch interface on the screen really becomes useful for displaying a panel with buttons for Alarms, Music and smart home. It is a variation of Amazon’s smart speaker product line in its echo devices.

New Amazon Echo Show Features

  • Listen to your favorite Music: Like other devices, the Echo Show also plays Amazon music and other Spotify apple music.
  • Watch Videos and View different Photos: You can see your own videos and photos from any smartphones and in addition, if you will become an Amazon Prime member, you can easily saw movies and shows on the Echo Show’s screen.
  • Make Video Phone Calls: The Echo Show device has to add on the benefit of a two-way video calling with others.
  • Control Your Home: It comes with a home assistant device that controls your all smart home things.
  • Get valid Information: Ask your device any question you want about daily routines


Echo Show is compatible with android, windows and iOS devices. The Echo Show is also compatible with Alexa Voice Remote.

5 Cool Steps for Amazon Echo Show Setup

  1. Download Alexa app from Amazon or from Safari on iOS devices.
  2. After downloading the Alexa app find a place for Echo Show after plugging it into a power socket.
  3. Once your device is properly set up after the greeting message, select the language, time zone.
  4. Login into Amazon account after reading terms and conditions.
  5. Update all the firmware and then tap install and after the installation your echo device gets ready.
amazon echo show 5 setup

Once your Echo Show device set up after that you can customize the Show further via setting inbuilt options.

Have you Heard About Amazon Echo Spot?

Amazon Echo Spot brings you everything you love to know about Alexa app, in a stylish and unique compact design that can show you everything. Recently, Amazon has come up with another smart echo device- Amazon Echo Spot. It is a smart speaker with a screen concept.

Prior to this, Alexa had only a voice recognition feature, Amazon Echo Spot had an added screen with interesting features of shopping.

amazon echo spot

Powerful Amazon Echo Spot Features

  • Dazzling Display
  • Automation in Home
  • Video and Voice Calling
  • Speaker Quality
  • Alexa Skills

5 Amazing Steps for Amazon Echo Spot Setup

  1. For echo spot setup, download Alexa app and add your information in it.
  2. Initially, Echo Spot needs an active wifi connection for the course your all instructions & stream media.
  3. Secondly, plug your device into the power outlet, which a user can download from the Amazon Alexa app.
  4. Next, you will be asked to sign up for the Amazon Alexa setup app, which uses the Amazon username and password.
  5. Connect your device with a Wi-Fi network and then press the key for 5 minutes until the light turns to orange.

What is the Amazon Echo Input?

The Amazon Echo Input is a variation of the Echo Dot device that includes microphones for receiving Alexa voice commands. Speakers are not inbuilt so you need to attach an extra speaker to listen to anything.

It is compatible with Android and ios devices both. This is a small disc of an Echo dot device, just a microphone, and a 3.5mm audio cable that connects to your speakers.

amazon echo input

Best Features of Amazon Echo Input

  • Made for any room
  • Voice control your music
  • Audio/Video Remote Control

5 Great Way for Amazon Echo Input Setup

  1. For Amazon echo input setup, download Alexa app by visiting, and edit settings by adding your information.
  2. Plug the Echo Input device into AC power using the provided adapter.
  3. Connect the Alexa app Amazon with the internet.
  4. Now, connect the speakers with an audio cable over Bluetooth with an Alexa app.
  5. If any case Echo Input is not responding then you can reset it by pressing or holding action button.

How to Use Amazon Echo Auto?

Echo Auto is a new smart device sold by Amazon that will add the voice commands in cars. It gets all its connectivity from your phone so you need a smartphone that easily gets connected with the Amazon Echo Auto device. The basic idea behind this device is to improve the hands-free operation while driving.

amazon echo auto

Effective Features of Amazon Echo Auto

  • Specifically designed for the road.
  • Make phone calls while driving.
  • Add or check reminders. or events for business meetings.
  • Provide directions with Google Maps, Apple Maps on your phone.
  • Set the location based on routines.
  • Do more with your voice by giving commands

5 Steps for Amazon Echo Auto Setup

  1. Download Alexa app from for echo auto setup and install it.
  2. After that, plug your echo auto device into your car’s USB port mount on your car’s dashboard.
  3. Download the Amazon Alexa app on your phone after installing open the Alexa app.
  4. Before driving, set all your Bluetooth device and adjust the volume on your phone.
  5. Just ask Alexa for direction and many more.

Latest Amazon Echo Sub

Echo Sub delivers down-firing and it has 6″ woofer. You can pair any of your Echo or Echo Plus device to enjoy the dynamic music that fills the room. Echo sub looks like a Sponge in water overnight.

It is 8 inches high and 8.3 inches in diameter. Its speaker is rated from 200 Hz down to 30 Hz with handling crossover. Right now, Echo Sub is only officially compatible with the second-generation Echo and Echo Plus only.

amazon echo sub

Exclusive Features of Amazon Echo Sub

  • Wireless subwoofers
  • Immersive Stereo Sound.
  • Best User Interface.
  • It has only one Active button on the back, with light in the center of that button indicates the unit’s status only.

5 Steps for Amazon Echo Sub

  1. First, download Alexa app for echo sub and install it.
  2. Connect echo plus to wifi.
  3. Plug-in the Echo sub.
  4. Open the Alexa app and connect the Echo sub to your Echo device.
  5. Now ask Amazon Alexa to play music.

Now you can play music anywhere anytime with this Echo Sub device.