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Amazon Echo Vs Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Vs Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker with many benefits, including high-quality sound. Voice recognition technology, and Alexa for hands-free control. The Amazon Echo dot is a tall cylindrical device which is 23.5 cm tall and 8.3 cm wide.

The diameter of the Echo Dot is 3.2 cm tall. Setup of both the device is easy by download Alexa App from

Echo is designed to work alone as a standalone device. Amazon Echo Dot works best when it is connected to an external speaker. The Echo Dot 3rd generation is cheaper than the normal Echo.

Features of Amazon Echo

Prompt Response: Containing Beamforming technology, noise cancellation. And seven microphones will enable the Amazon Echo to hear you from any nearby location.

Beats master: It comes with Dolby processing that provides great bass response. Crisp vocals and 360-degree omnidirectional audio. You can easily listen to your favorite songs with this unique technology.

Play music indoors: There is a multi-room music feature where you can tell Alexa App to play music. Even across other Amazon Echo devices at home.

Hands-free communication: You can use Amazon Alexa App to communicate with your loved ones via phone or text. Alexa App makes household announcements across Amazon Echo devices at home.

Use IFTTT: Free-to-use automation service IFTTT. This is the web service used by supermarkets and in homes. You can do the Echo setup by clicking on and click Connect.

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Features of Amazon Echo Dot

Control smart devices: This feature is very helpful in all Echo Dot devices if you have smart light bulbs and HDTVs at home. You don’t need to press any buttons. Cause of you can use your voice to create the ultimate smart home environment.

Listening companion: Echo Dot offers an amazing experience for all your listening needs. You can play your music through streaming services, including Amazon Music, Pandora, and Spotify.

Task help: The Echo Dot can help your everyday routine more seamless with voice control. You can use this device to ask for reminders, check the weather. And search for local restaurants too.

Voice-enabled conversation: Like the Echo, in Echo Dot allows you to send messages, make phone calls, etc.. And use other Echo devices as intercoms.

Book a Ride: Through Echo Dot, you can make your traveling by an Uber all the more convenient. Enabling the Uber feature in Alexa Amazon App allows users to book a ride on Uber via Echo Dot.

Entertainment for Kids: Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation is a friendly solution for every kid’s boredom. There are many games, silly questions available for complete entertainment.

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Read Kindle: Amazon has enabled Echo devices to read Kindle texts. And other information from Wikipedia pages using its voice assistant Alexa. You can read any book by Alexa setup in all Echo devices.

One-stop solution: First of all, Alexa can do anything and everything through proper commands. Echo dot Setup remains simple by inserting your username and password on Alexa App like other echo devices.


Some products come with built-in Alexa that have direct access to Alexa. Finally, these devices can be controlled via audio commands such as Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, and Amazon firesticks.