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Echo Dot Setup

Setting up your Alexa Echo Dot device for the very first time? Here are some things that help guide your Echo dot setup process.

Start off by plugging the USB cable that is provided into the back of the Alexa Echo Dot app. Plug in the standard USB end into the adapter and then put it into the wall plug. Try to ensure that the Echo Dot is placed in a central location.

This allows the device to hear you better from anywhere in the room. Don’t worry, the Echo Dot 3rd generation comes with seven built-in microphones. Just download Alexa app. So you shouldn’t have trouble getting it to hear you anyway.

echo dot setup

Once your Echo setup, a blue light will be seen. After the initialization, the light will turn into an orange ring. Alexa will let you know that you’re all set to get online.

Ultimate way to Start with Amazon Echo Dot Setup


You will need to download Alexa app from in order to get your Echo dot to function properly. The Echo Dot doesn’t come with a screen. So of course, you will have to use a computer, smartphone or tablet to set up your device.

You need to start off by installing the Amazon Alexa app on your device. Alexa app is available on iOS, Android and via the web portal in case you are using a PC or Windows.

amazon echo dot setup

Open up the Alexa app for echo dot setup. Then sign into your Amazon account or create a new one if you don’t have one already.

How to Setting up your Amazon Echo Dot?

  1. First, download Alexa app, once you have logged in to your account, you will be shown a list of available Echo devices.
  2. Select the ‘Echo Dot’ option and confirm your language.
  3. Hit the connect to Wi-Fi option and then press ‘Continue.’
connect echo to wifi

Exclusive Way to Know How to Connect Echo Dot to WiFi

Now your phone will try to connect to your Echo Dot. If this doesn’t seem to work then the app will ask you to press. And then hold the action button on the echo dot for a couple of seconds. Once the device is found you should tap the ‘Continue’ button once more.

It’s now time to add the Echo device to a Wi-Fi connection. Tap the name of your connection and enter the correct password. Press ‘Connect’ and the Echo will now get online.

how to connect echo dot to wifi

Easily Connect Echo Speaker Via Bluetooth

You can also decide how you want to hear the Echo setup. You are given three options: Audio cable, Bluetooth and No speakers. The Echo dot setup will allow you to connect a device to a speaker via Bluetooth or the audio cable. The audio cable provides better audio.

how to use echo dot

If you’re not happy with these options then you can just use Dot’s speakers instead.

WOW! Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Setup is completed

Now the app will offer you some useful video tips on using your Alexa app device. It will also show you some sample commands. How to use Echo Dot? Know Below.

You can use R2 D2 smart speaker holder for echo dot 3rd generation and 2nd generation. Also, know the latest updates here.

Alexa Wake Word

Note that you will be offered some free trials from Prime Music. And Amazon Prime when you’ve completed the setup process.

You can start off by adding some skills and setting up basic Alexa commands. Your Echo setup is ready so you can talk to it now by saying the wake word. By default, the wake word is ‘Alexa.’ Follow it up with a command.

For example, you can say ‘Alexa, what’s the time now?’ and Amazon Echo dot will give you the time. Don’t be hesitant to try out some commands. You’ll be surprised by the myriad of functions Alexa can perform!

Remember: You need to connect echo with plug to use.

alexa echo dot

Here is a list of some Built-in Commands for Alexa


Tell me the date?

Set the alarm for 9 am.

Set the timer for 10 minutes.

Give me the news.

What is the status of traffic?

What restaurants are near me?


Play The Beatles on YouTube

Turn on all the lights

Order some detergent for the laundry

Track my order

Add soap to my shopping list

Put finish project on my To-do list

Stop (to end anything at all)

Additional Information

If you want to try something new with Alexa then you can check out Amazon Echo Skills. Slide open the menu on the left and then select ‘Things to Try’ and you will see a wide range of options.

You can read Alexa App FAQs


Very Important Echo Dot Light Functions

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