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How to Reset Echo Dot?

Amazon’s Echo Dot is a highly modest speaker that has come a long way in just a short time period. This guide is a walkthrough of reset echo dot.  

Alexa App Download

Alexa App is available for Android, Alexa for Windows, Alexa app for PC and Alexa app for Mac. Follow steps for echo dot setup here.

Deregister the Amazon Echo Dot

If you want to get rid of your device, you need to deregister the device from the Alexa account. To do it you need to visit the app and click the “Settings” and tap “Device settings” click on the device you wish to deregister now click “Deregister”.

The device will be removed from the Amazon account when you deregister the device. And the device can be registered to a different account.

Reset Echo dot

Use a pin or any sharp object. Press and hold the “Reset button” you can see that on the base of the device until the device power off and on again. The light ring will turn orange and the device will then proceed to setup mode. Once the process is done, you have the reset echo dot.

3rd Generation Echo Dot – hold the volume down and microphone off buttons together for twenty seconds. You will see the light ring turning orange and then enter setup mode.

Alexa not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Alexa might have fallen off from your Wi-Fi network. An immediate reboot can bring it back online either of the router or repeater. If this happens frequently, check the Wi-Fi network setup. Look whether there are so many devices trying to connect? Is the device placed next to the wall?  Check for such things.

Alexa not Connecting with Bluetooth

If your device keeps dropping the Bluetooth connection to other devices, try rebooting it. If it keeps occurring and the paired devises cannot maintain the connection. Open the Alexa setup app, then click “Settings” and “Bluetooth” and delete all the paired devices. Now pair each device again this might hold the connection for while longer.

Factory Reset Echo Dot

Factor reset and troubleshooting must be the last resort. The reset can delete all the settings, configurations and application which might need to figure out.

Note – Don’t follow the factor reset option if you are giving away the device or selling the Amazon Echo. Also, don’t re-register the device to the Amazon account.

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