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Latest Updates About Amazon Echo Dot [Explained]

Have you recently changed your Amazon Echo name Alexa a to Computer? Then probably this post is definitely for you. 3D Printer Amazon Echo Dot Holder are raving the world recently. It can change your smart speaker into an R2 D2 from Star Wars.

It’s an excellent way to blend your home device to chic home décor. It’s also a perfect gift idea if you love Star Wars, who also own an Amazon Echo Dot or Alexa App

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Devices Compatible

The R2 – D2 smart speaker holder is suitable for Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 or gen 3. The first thing you will have to do is to check the version you own or buy the right one. Also, they are different products, as one does not support both the gen 2 or the gen 3 of the Echo dot.

If you want to spot the difference between both the generation device, just look for the fabric it has on the outside or not. You can spot a fabric outside the 3rd gen Echo dot, whereas in the 2nd gen the device is completely made of plastic.

Crafted by

This is crafted and sold by BigUpCreative. An Etsy store that aims primarily on selling 3D printer holders for smart speakers for Alexa app. They also have other covers like Mickey Mouse. And Minnie Mouse along with another version that also supports the Google Nest Mini smart speaker.

amazon echo dot

Star Wars R2 – D2

This holder for Amazon Echo Dot is designed with a 3D printed with PLA on an FDM 3D printer. It comes with four separate parts which include two legs along with the bottom and the top. You have to play the device in the middle of the two main parts and snap the legs to lock it! 

One of the best things about this smart speaker holder is that you can see the lights of your smart speaker. As it includes an opening for it. So, when the speaker gets activated. The lights make the sleeve look more realistic and resembles a robot from Star Wars.

Colours Available

The 3D holder comes in two colours currently black and white. But if you wish to add some colour to it. Then unleash your creativity by trying your hands on it with a bit of painting.